5 reasons not to set up a business in Seaton, Devon

So here we go, 5 reasons why you shouldn't set up a business in Seaton, Devon.

1. Erm..
2. Well...
3. I suppose...
4. Maybe...
5. I guess...

Nope I can't think of any!

Setting up a new business is difficult anywhere. There will be challenges & battles to face. Seaton is no different.

Having previously owned a business in the county town of Somerset for 4 years and now owning a business that has been in Seaton for 4 years I can honestly say that both faced difficulties, both had their pro's & con's but I would choose Seaton every time.

Moving my business here was the best decision I could have ever made. Not just for my business but for my family life too, my son's love living here and so do I. The community is fantastic, the tourists are lovely and there is so much potential for further development here to enhance the wonderful town we already have.

I hear negativity about Seaton online often, but I hear positivity much more. Tourists who visit my shop regularly have lovely things to say about Seaton, about its character and the hidden gems within it. They share their stories of failing towns they live in and come across on their travels and say how impressed they are that Seaton is still hanging in there, still doing its best to keep independent shops running.

So let's hold on to the positivity, let's focus on it and believe in our town. Support our local businesses and encourage new ones to set up here in our town by showing how supportive we can be of independent shops, how positive we are about our town.


  1. Great stuff Kerri. Seaton is a lovely town with bags of potential and lots of positive people doing their best to continue to make it better and better - a great place to have a business.


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