The Green Witch | Do you believe in the magic?

You may not believe in Magic, but i do.

I'm not talking about the casting of spells magic, though i have just brought a new book 'The Green Witch' to learn about that, i'm talking about the magic of all things botanical.

The way the sight and smell of flowers can lift your mood, the way essential oils can help with a multitude of aches, pains and ills and the way that herbs can change something bland to something fantastic.

I've always been drawn to flowers, i don't know why but there is something peaceful about them. I enjoy taking time out from my busy lifestyle spending it in the garden, just pottering around or at the allotment working on our vegetable garden. A passing comment was made when i was working at my botanical studio desk one day "You look like a little witch sat there with your flowers, oils, herbs and lotions." - to be fair, i probably did!

It was that comment that made me wonder more about the world of witchcraft, i remember as a teen i was very much into it but that was many moons ago and i've since had two children and spent my life working non-stop with no time to think about much. I thought i'd do a little research, i'm always open to learning about different cultures and religions. When i came across this book, the description was what drew me to it, i work with herbs, flowers and essential oils most days so why not learn more about them from another perspective. After all, knowledge is power.

'The Green Witch' available here