More than just a children's book shop | Seaton, Devon

I recently took my sons age 6 & nearly 8 to Seaton's bookshop 'Owl & Pyramid'. I am ashamed to say that this is the first time in at least a year that we have been in there! As i work full time and the kids often have clubs after-school i sometimes struggle to get into town with them as much as i would like. I find i usually nip into town during the day when i have staff in my shop to cover.

After a chat one day with Jenny the owner of Owl & Pyramid who often pops into my craft centre i found out that she was actually open until 5pm most days, which i had no idea about! This meant that i didn't need to rush after the school run and could make time to pop in after-school with the boys and enjoy a browse.

Upon entering the shop i instantly saw that it has changed so much since i had last visited, it has so much more inside than just children's books! My boys were drawn straight away to the activity table where there were some fantastic magnetic toys out. They had great fun building different things with them which gave me chance to look around the shop in peace. I found a vast array of fantastic books, activity cards, games, pocket money gifts and all sorts of things. Something i had no idea about was that they now offer books for adults too, which as a book addict is fantastic!

My youngest Finley pictured above took a shine to a couple of different books, Jenny was fantastic and on hand to make some suggestions that would suit his interests and age. It was so lovely to have Jenny there offering advice and suggestions, so many shops these days don't offer that personal service. It really does make a difference and made the whole experience much easier and more fun for the boys and me.

Reuben my eldest found the corner for older children where he came across his favorite type of books, non-fiction and full of facts. On the day we went he wasn't feeling too well (tired as just got over a cold) but still he enjoyed browsing the books in the peace & quiet.

Finley though as you can see was full of energy and after some time browsing and changing his mind (He had £10 from his grandad to spend and changed his mind from books, puppets, puzzles, toys & cards) opted for a rather interesting pack of cards 'Optical Illusion' cards which we have since been having great fun with. It just goes to show that the Owl & Pyramid in Seaton doesn't just offer children's books, it has a vast array of things on offer that suit from baby and beyond.

I highly recommend that you go in an take a look, they are open 9am - 5pm most days, you can find them on 10 Fore Street, Seaton, Devon. Jenny also mentioned that they run book clubs and activities, so it is worth popping in to ask her more if you are interested.

More information here on their facebook page