Into The Water by Paula Hawkins | Book Review

I'm a confessed book-aholic but i didn't really think much about blogging 'book reviews' i don't know why, maybe because i feel like everyone enjoys different types of books, as they do with art & music; book reviews are subjective and based on opinion. I didn't feel like anyone would be interested in my opinion on the books i read until I realised that didn't matter, as long as I enjoy the writing process, that's the point of why I blog! 
I have decided to share more about the books i choose to read, to give you a glimpse at my bookshelves full of crime & thriller novels. (Lots of non-fiction too)

One of the books i recently finished was 'Into the water' by Paula Hawkins. Some of you will know this author by name because of her 2015 big hit ''Girl on the Train' however I have never read GOTT and knew nothing about Hawkins before reading this book!

'Into the water'
It had me gripped from the beginning, though I admit reading from so many character points of view was difficult at first, not a writing style I'm used to. I think their were about 11 core characters. The story is based in a countryside town called 'Beckford' that has a river running through it, the river that plays a key part in the story with its pool where 'troublesome women' drown (or are drowned ) over centeries. The story starts slow but picks up pace and offers a number of twists & turns throughout. I did guess one of the key plot turns early but that probably has a lot to do with the amount of crime thrillers I read so I have started to spot more & more things early in stories! Overall I really enjoyed the book, it wasn't the style I would normally enjoy as it did require remembering a lot of characters so I wouldn't recommend this to someone who wants to pick up & put it down over months but I would to someone who wants to take the time to read it over a shorter time frame so it is fresh in your mind. 

I'm going to give it a 3* review (out of 5) 

This book is currently only £3.99 here! *correct as of 27/09/18

I'd love to know what you think of my first book review in the comments, hopefully it was easy to understand.