Friday, 19 October 2018

How to save money by shopping in Seaton and on the Jurassic Coast

Interested in saving money when shopping in Seaton and on the Jurassic Coast? Of course you are! 

Well I have found a scheme called the Jurassic Coast Card which will get you a fantastic range of benefits in over 100 shops and services on the Jurassic Coast. A full list of the businesses that are involved and information on the discounts and special offers they have available can be found here.  

I had chance to talk with the lady who came up with this brilliant idea, Amy Ralph.

What a fantastic idea Amy, what inspired you? 
The idea came because we moved house, and although we only moved a few miles, I discovered lots of places I didn’t know about before. This made me start a blog 
called Fossils in my Pocket about the area, and from this I met more businesses. The idea to create a card scheme to support the range of businesses developed from there.

I have to admit I personally only recently found out about the card scheme and I’m so glad I did. As a mum anything that saves money on days out is brilliant. I’ve found some fantastic businesses that I already use are involved in the scheme so I’m looking forward to using the card to benefit from their special offers. I’m also looking forward to trying out new businesses to make the most of the card scheme. The best bit for me Is I know I’m supporting businesses on the Jurassic Coast and as a business owner myself I know that every little bit helps!

You can buy your Jurassic Coast Card here  remember to follow them on facebook, Instagram and twitter to keep up to date with new special offers! (It would be great if you could let them know you found out about them here!)

If you are reading this and you own a business on the Jurassic Coast I would highly recommend taking a look into joining. It is free to join and you can choose what special offer to provide. Both my businesses are now involved.

*Disclosure: Since creating this post i have very kindly been offered a FREE Jurassic Coast Card making this a 'Sponsored Post' - with the new rules in place for bloggers like me i have to declare such things!  I'm very grateful to Amy for offering me this as it is the first 'reward' i have had from my blogging!* 

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