Everything You Need For Your Pets in Seaton, Devon

As an animal lover i'm pleased to report that Seaton is a fantastic place for pet owners. Not only is it an animal friendly town with a lovely community but it is also easy to access everything you need for your pets in Seaton via the range of fantastic local shops and services.

Animal Botanical - Queen Street
This is a fantastic pet & garden supplies shop where you can find pretty much everything you need for your pets. It has bedding, toys, accessories, food and so much more. I often pop in with my dog Lexi for a new bone or treat, she loves to say hello to resident dog Humpfry (i have probably spelt that wrong!) We recently welcomed a new addition to our family, baby Spurs who you can see pictured above so we will be popping in again soon for a little harness for her. One of the best things i have found about Animal Botanical is the customer service, they are always friendly and happy to help, if you can't find what you are looking for in store do ask them, they will more than likely be able to order in what you need. Pop in store or contact them on 01297 20404

Kirstin Harwood Dog Grooming - Seaton
If you are looking for a dog groomer then i would highly recommend contacting Kirstin. Over the last year she has been gaining experienced whilst working alongside well know dog groomer Fiona and is now ready to build up her own client base. Fiona is no longer taking on new clients and so will be continuing to help Kirstin in setting up and building on her business. I've known Kirstin now for a few years as a fellow mum of young children in a local school, she has a dog herself and is fantastic with animals. For more information please contact her on 07867540746

Coombefield Vets - Seaton
I was so pleased to find that Seaton has its own vets. When i first got Lexi my Jackhuahua i used the vets for her jabs / microchip and was really pleased with the care and advice. When i recently welcomed my puppy to the family and went in for her first jabs i found out about a new Pet Plan they have too which means i can spread the costs of jabs, flea / worming treatments etc. I would highly recommend popping in to see them about it if you haven't already. They also have food, toys and accessories for animals too. Contact 01297 630500
The Barking Spa - Cross St, Seaton I don't believe that they are currently taking on new clients (i may be wrong) but still i felt worth a mention as they have been very helpful and fitted Lexi in for a quick nail trim one day. I often walk past and see them in there with happy dogs getting a groom.

There are a number of other places in Seaton that offer products and services for animals, these are just a few of the ones i have experience of using for my pets. Please do consider buying your pet products locally, every penny counts to all the local shops & businesses. To keep them we have to use them.

Other animal & pet services i have found in Seaton but have no personal experience of:

Walkies 'n' Sit - Pet walking and pet sitting

Paws & Tails - Pet walking and pet care

Nanooks - Grooming (unable to find website but 01297 624459 is the contact number listed)

Grooming Tails - Harbour Road, Seaton (no website or number that i can find yet, will update once found!)