Bicton Park Botanical Gardens Review : Summer Holidays 2018

 It can be really hard to find budget friendly places to take the family over the summer holidays but here in Devon we are very lucky as we are surrounded by fantastic family friendly all weather venues one of our favourite is Bicton Park Botanical Gardens, Bicton. We visited first in 2017 and signed up to the yearly membership straight after our first visit.

Information on the day prices & membership upgrades can be found here 

There are so many great things about Bicton Park that it is hard to narrow them down to blog about but I will do my best to highlight the important things to us...

One of the best things is that we don't have to leave Lexi our pet Jackhuahua at home, she can come along with us! Bicton Park is dog friendly with the exception of the indoor play area so if you are a single parent like me you will often need to pop your pet pooch either in the car for a short while or attend Bicton with friends / family so someone can sit in the outside play area whilst the kids are inside playing. If it is good weather though there is so much to do outside you won't even need to use the inside area.
(There is an additional charge of £1 per child to enter the indoor playzone, you can opt to buy a £15 for 20 visits voucher should you wish)

There are a selection of beautiful gardens and indoor floral displays to browse around including Maples Stream Garden, the Italian Garden & the Tropical House. We love to tour around at different times of the year to see what varieties of plants are at their best. As we all have a keen interest in all things botanical it really is a great place for us to learn about plants.

Bicton Park also has a fantastic outdoor play area, a 'Fairy Falls' which has the most beautiful selection of fairy houses and water features, a large rock feature that looks like something from the film Frozen (where the rocks turn into trolls!), a beautiful little stream, a woodland railway, large ponds with stunning water fountains, lots of different floral gardens and so much more. We have been going now at least 3 times a month since we joined and we still haven't fully explored everything as we always end up going to the parts we enjoy most but you can see just how much is on offer looking here at their map. 

We all enjoy going to Bicton Park for different reasons as there is something for everyone, it really is a lovely place to visit with the family in any weather.

Our 'family fun' rating out of 5 of Bicton Park Botanical Gardens :
Finley (age 6) : 5*
Reuben (age 7) :  5*
Mummy (age shhhhh) : 5*


  1. How lovely Kerri-Anne. I used to go to Heaton Park in Manchester woth mine. They had a childrens farm there too. Vera Duckworth always said hello when she saw you. Bless her. To me bringing children up to appreciate the beauty of nature remains in their soul. We still giggle at them learning Rosebay Willow Herb

    Just walked into Hawick and collected some bits to draw. Hawthorn berries and leaves, Himalayan Balsam, Greater Rosebay Willowherb. Love this time of year with the blackberries out and leaves starting to turn

    Thank you for sharing

    Big hugs xxxx

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