Weight loss progress using Cambridge Weight Plan via Phoenix Transformation Seaton

I thought i would update my blog with weight loss progress as i'm hoping seeing the progress here will keep me in check! So as expected i didn't lose as much as i had hoped in my first week. Looking at everyone elses first week losses online i was hoping for a big loss as i stuck 100% on plan and seriously did my best.

Unfortunately i made just 9lbs loss in the 10 days since i started. I lost 4lbs in the first 3 days on plan and then 5lbs Monday - Monday. My doctor had warned me that it will be a long hard struggle with the various medical issues i have and the fact that my body is just generally nasty to me! ha

I'm glad i have Roses support though, shes said that considering the obstacles that is a good starting loss and to keep going, which i will. I'm determined that no matter how long this takes i want to feel healthy again for my boys and for me.