Seaton Cyclefest - Botanical photography, art and floral crafty goodies at local markets in Seaton, Devon

Over the weekend i took Finley's photos and some other floral related items on the road to a couple of events in Seaton. As it was the annual CycleFest there were markets on in the town.  Whilst there i was working on my Botanical art coursework and promoting various botanical art books and equipment that have helped me along with my Botanical art journey. You might be able to see there on my stall also my flower press equipment as i've been working on some pressed flowers art recently too. I'll share with you how this goes once it's complete!

As the events were all local i didn't need to take my car as i had this amazing trolley that stores everything i need and i can pull along. It was fantastic, held everything i needed to be able to run this little stall at local events. It was great to get some feedback on both Finley's photography (and made some sales for his pocket money stash!) and also on my progress so far with my botanical sketches.

- see my flower press equipment here

- See the trolley here at just £36.99 (on pre-order only now as sold out!)