Facing my weight battles with Rose from Phoenix transformation center, Seaton

Though this is a very embarrassing post i'm hoping that by documenting this here in my blog i will finally force myself to do this properly. I've always had weight issues, all my life. I was always the biggest girl compared to my friends and no matter how hard i tried nothing really helped me to lose weight and keep it off long term. Before having my first some Reuben (age 7) i did manage to lose the weight that i'd been carrying all my childhood, i was at my smallest and i was a comfortable size 12/14 which was small for me, trust me! 

Unfortunately since having Reuben and then having Finley close together no matter what i do i couldn't keep the weight off. I did stay at a reasonable weight and size for a while but after a break down and uprooting my boys and myself to our new lives here in Seaton, Devon i've lost complete control of my weight and i feel like i'm at my worst weight ever! (though i'm not, i've been bigger but this is pretty bad!) 

Across the road from my shop a lovely lady called Rose has opened up her 'transformation center' called Phoenix.  After a meeting with Rose and a long chat she believed she could help me get the weight off and keep it off using the Cambridge Diet. If i'm being completely honest i don't believe it will work, i've tried everything and nothing has ever worked. But i'm willing to give it a try and to do it properly with Rose's support! I'm going to try my best as i really want this!

Typically i don't eat anything until around 1-2pm in the day, and it was a typical Thursday when i went over and met Rose. So with the products in hand when i left i chose to start straight away rather than put starting off. (starting on step 2) 

Obviously normally i should have 3 of the CWP products a day and then a protein and vegetables or salad meal. The best routine to create for me worked out to be 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm. Those are the times i am aiming to eat to keep my body on track.

Thursday 12th: 12pm shake / 4pm Bar / 8pm chicken & vegtables
Friday 13th : 8am shake / 12pm shake / 4pm bar / 8pm chicken & vegetables

The products actually taste nice, i'm not joking, they really do. It is weird not eating actual food and obviously i crave and want it i'm not going to fib. Instead of caving in i drink water and try to occupy my mind on something more important than food!
Today i have planned what i'm doing and also for tomorrow as i'm working away on the Sunday i needed to think ahead at what i could do.

The most important thing to remember also is that i drink as much water as possible, minimum 4 pints.

So here i am, day 3 on plan and yes i am getting slight side effects of dizzyness and feeling faint but i'm determined to keep going. I will not let Rose down, i won't let myself down!