SAA Poppy Challenge : Watercolour Florals

When I joined the SAA just over a year ago I mainly did it to encourage myself and challenge myself. I wanted to learn new techniques and push myself artistically.

Since I finished my art & design degree I have felt a little lost, like I need a new academic challenge in my life (If you know me well, i know what you are thinking, that crazy lady has enough on her plate why add more she will just get herself more Ill) It may sound strange to some but I find that I cope better with my mental health when I am under pressure, when I have a challenge to focus on, a goal and a purpose. Having any small amount of time on my hands allows me too much thinking time, that is when I find myself at my worst.  I'm therefore looking at further qualifications to complete in the arts feild. I've totally gone off of the point of this post now..back to the point..

The SAA has been a great source of inspiration and this recent challenge I found in the SAA 'Paint' magazine was to paint a poppy which then gets donated.

I enjoyed working on this and chose to explore two different styles, one a sketch and watercolour finish. The other an abstract style, again in watercolour. Both of these have now been donated, if you'd like to find out more on how to get involved follow this link.

I have set up a new blog specifically for my journey into Botanical Art & photography after realising this is my most loved focus, you'll find more on my journey over there. 

 I'd love to know what you think of my poppies?


  1. Hi Kerri-Ann they are gorgeous. Take care. Hugs Jackie


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