The truth about invisible illnesses : The Wellbeing Journal

Apologies for being quiet on social media lately, i've been poorly but doing my best to keep pushing on. Invisible illnesses i think are the most difficult to cope with as people just don't seem to understand what you are going through, the pain my body is in and headaches are really taking their toll, all as a result of catching a silly cold.

The worst thing is when i get ill like this it ends up resulting in me struggling with my mental health at the same time because i feel so run down and useless, its frustrating to say the least. I feel like my poor boys miss out on so much because i don't feel well enough to do anything. Yesterday i forced myself to take them to the beach afterschool / work, they had a great time and they totally understood that i needed to just rest under the tent and couldn't get up and about to play, they are very understanding for their age and have learnt when i can and can't do things. It's amazing really that my boys at age 5 and 7 years have more understanding than some adults i meet. So many times i hear things like 'well you were well enough to work today' 'surely if you were ill you would just be in bed' - Yes i would LOVE to rest all day in bed but i'm a single working mum trying to run a successful business, just because you can't see the pain i'm in doesn't mean it isn't there! I force myself to do what is needed of me but by the end of the day i just can't do anymore. 

I've not been creating as much as i would like but i needed a creative outlet that i could do whilst resting up, in all honesty laying in bed from as soon as the boys go to bed because i just physically 
can't keep my body upright. I found this journal called 'The Wellbeing Journal' by MIND the mental health charity. It is bright and colourful, has spaces to write, doodle, draw and has prompts and questions to get you thinking creatively. It is a great little book and the fact that buying it supports MIND is just an added bonus for me. That teamed up with some brand new Sparkle pens has cheered me up this week, both i found at a bargain price too.

This post has probably sounded like a right moan but i think sometimes it is important to remind people that not all illnesses can be seen and rather than judging other people we should support each other instead. If you are in need of creative outlet when you are not feeling 100% i can highly recommend this little journal, its a good size for travelling too.

You can find 'The Wellbeing Journal' here with this link. 

You can find the Sparkle Glitter Gel pens here with this link