Storage & Organisation for Tonic Studios supplies and more

Hello everyone,
A number of you have been asking about my Tonic Studios mediums storage display wall rack that i have had for a while now and love. I have done an updated studio tour video which is over on my You Tube now so if you want to see it in more detail you can over there. 

If you are looking to get yourself this wall rack we don't sell them in our shop anymore but you can find them on the links below:

Full 3 set of display racks here

Single large center display rack here   - also available in white here 

Single smaller end display rack here 

Other items in my video that you have been asking where i got them from are the lights i use to give better lighting as i have no natural light where i film my overhead videos. The lights i have are fantastic and can be found here. Take a look at my craft space tour video for more information on them.

Hopefully this helps those of you who have been asking, as always if there is anything else i can help with do just get in touch i will be happy to help


  1. I keep meaning to ask, can your lights come off their floor stand and be clipped to something like a shelf to light from above?

    1. Great question, i'm not 100% sure. I'll check after work for you see what they can do!


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