Storage and Organisation Tips : A way to store paper and card that will encourage you to use your offcuts / scraps

Hello everyone,

I'm back with some more storage tips today. 
Since i became a Tonic Studios fan i found that i was purchasing lots more card and paper (and receiving lots in the monthly craft kits!) so i needed somewhere to store the paper and card that would be organised, keep them clean and easy to access.

I tried a number of different ways to store paper and card before i found the perfect way for me.
As you can see in my craft room tour video i now use sets of drawers that are just a little bigger than A4 in size so they store all my A4 card / paper and all the offcuts in colour co-ordinated drawers. 

The drawers are on wheels so whenever i feel like moving around my craft room (which if you follow me on You Tube you will know i do a lot!) then it is easy to do.

I find that having the paper and offcuts organised and close by in this way has made me save more of my off cuts and most importantly go back and use them more often rather than always cutting into a fresh new piece when i only really needed a smaller piece. It has certainly helped me to save money in the long run as i'm finding i'm using up much more of my stash before going and purchasing more because i don't have to go hunting around for the right piece i can simply open the drawer with the colours in that i need and i can usually find the right size offcut for using with my dies and of course i can cut into a fresh new piece if i need too.

I've compiled a list below of links to drawers that are the same as mine and a couple that are similar but in different colour options. Hopefully you will find this information useful, if you have any questions as always please do get in touch.

Black with 4 large drawers 

Black with 10 small drawers 

Multi coloured with 10 small drawers 

Black with 15 drawers