Happy Planner Love and NEW Planner Stickers!

Anyone that knows me knows i'm a planner and stationery addict. I have more notebooks than i can count and a number of different planners, my favorite to decorate being my 
Happy Planner.

I invested in the Happy Planner punch that allows me to create my own pages and add ons within the Happy Planner, since i got this is has meant i can reuse all sorts of my papercraft designs within my planner and i can personalise it so much more. I would totally recommend getting one if you are a fellow Happy Planner user.

I found one here at way below the RRP price! 
If you are new to planners and don't know what i mean by a Happy Planner first of all, you have been missing out big time - secondly check out the links below where you'll find various Happy Planners. 

Best Year Ever - 12 month box kit   - this is one of the planners i'm getting next! 

Enjoy the little things - 18 month planner   - this is one of the planners i own 

I also have some new planner stickers to share with you today,

I decided to treat myself to some new stickers to pretty up my planner and found these beauties over on Etsy from Elle Designs. She has some beautiful stickers for all sorts of planners so i highly recommend taking a look.