Watercolour florals with Aquaflow pens

 I've been playing around with watercolouring again, i'm really loving it as a relaxing craft i can do of an evening once all my design work is finished. My favorite thing to do at the moment is abstract florals, just going with the flow with no real aim or goal just enjoying the pens and the watercolours as they mix and blend. 

I love the fact that i can get so many different colours and tones with my Tonic Studios Nuvo Aquaflow pens, they apply so well both directly from the pen and watered down with the waterbrush.

I was practicing in the shop the other day and a customer asked if i would sell one of my pieces, i was shocked and humbled so i let her have one of them, she was delighted and said i should definitely start selling them in the shop. It's amazing how lovely people can be, it is a real boost to know someone likes my creations, especially when they are just practice pieces! I've taken the ladies advice and I've mounted some of my A6 watercolour images up, they will go into the shop today, just on the side in the box. Hopefully they will find new homes with people who will enjoy them.

I'm off to do some more practicing now, i wonder what my brush will create this time...


  1. Hi Kerri-Ann your water colours are gorgeous. Have fun practising. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. They are lovely - your customer was right!

  3. These are beautiful - and nice to know your work is appreciated - they are good enough to buy!!

  4. Your work looks lovely to me so I'm not surprised the lady sugested you sold them.


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