Chisel Tip Glitter Highlighter Marker - I'm a pen addict!

Hello everyone,

I'm back today to share with you some amazing new pens, they are Chisel Tip Glitter Highlighter Markers and they are super cool!

They have a beautiful flow of glitter ink in a selection of colours, in the pack you get Pink, Purple, Blue,Yellow and Green. They are bright in colour, designed originally as highlighters but personally i think they have so many more uses! I have been testing them out and found that because of the chisel tip end you can use them for hand lettering and brush script, you can colour with them getting thick lines or super fine lines depending on the side you use and obviously you can use them as highlighters too! If you are a fellow planner, hand letterer or just love pens like I do then these are a must have! Check out my short You Tube video to see more.

They are available now at Imagine Design Create