Sewing little felt hanging hearts | Flashback

Another flashback post from me today, this time showcasing some of my sewing from many years ago, around 8-9 years i think. It brings back a lot of memories as the central image of my rainbow hanging heart is of it hanging in what was my favorite family home where i had a massive beautiful garden. I miss that house so much but i do love living here in what i now call my home, beautiful Seaton. I just wish i could have brought my garden with me!

These i made for customers, i remember i used to make hanging hearts in all different colours and take them to little crafty shows, they were one of my best sellers back then.

I really must get back into sewing, i got everything ready in my studio to get back into it and then got side tracked with loads of other projects, please tell me i'm not the only one this happens too!