Hand Lettering - Pens & Practice

Hello everyone, I've been completely inspired by all the images of hand lettering on instagram recently and have decided to take it up as a new focus, something new to learn. Anyone who knows me knows I love learning new things so I'm looking forward to practicing and seeing if I can incorporate beautiful writing in my planning and crafting!
Another thing I love about learning hand lettering is I get to buy more pens and pretend that I NEED them because they are special pens for hand lettering. Really I just love pens, all sorts of pens and I'm always looking for excuses as to why I need more.
I recently found the Nuvo Brush Script pens, I got them for hand lettering but whilst researching them and when testing them in the video below I also found out that they are fantastic for watercolour techniques. You can see in the video just how amazing they are not just on watercolour paper but also on card to.

A big thanks to Amy of Amy Latta Creations for the free download practice sheets  as I've been using these to help me practice my hand lettering. They are brilliant to practice on.