Weight Loss Tracker - Free downloadable weight loss chart / tracker

I posted recently about my goal to lose weight this year and that i'm using Slimming World healthy eating plan together with excersize in order to work on achieving my goal. I often find that visual aids help me to focus on my goals so i decided to create a weight loss tracker for myself to use, i'm going to keep a printed copy in my diary but also inside my kitchen food cupboard to keep me on track if ever i go looking for sneaky treats!. The plan is to cross off every lb i lose and record the information for starting and goals (with dates) of weight and dress size. I have created a version of the chart below that is free for you to download and use yourself, i put it up to 80lb but obviously you can block out up to the amount you want to use if you wish to.

It would be great if you could leave a comment / subscribe to my blog for more free content and updates on my journey, i'd love for you to get in touch with any advise and suggestions you think may help too - if you are also on a weight loss journey do get in touch maybe we can help each other out!

If you have trouble downloading this please just pop a note in the comments with an email address you'd like it sent to and i will be happy to send you a copy.