The truth about having a partner who owns a craft shop....

5 Truths about Dating a Craft Shop Owner and 2 reasons why i do.

Hi my name is Jon and i am the better half, long term suffering partner and co-director of Kerri-Ann Briggs and Imagine Design Create.

Many of you may know that I don't have or never started with a creative bone in my body.
However I started going to craft events and looking around stands with Kerri and after seeing her blog about the 5 truths of owning a craft shop it lead me to have go at this writing a blog thing... just because.....

5 Truths about having a partner who owns a craft shop... 

1. Everything we do, day in, day out, even a weekend away will result in "ooh that will be good in the shop"

2. Living room\kitchen\bedrooms have no boundaries "craft stuff" gets everywhere!

3. Never get a day off!! "I will just pop down to the shop to check if...." is a regular sentence

4. Email\phone is always being checked. Replying to emails and questions about craft products

5. Forced into taking days off (of my real job)!! Which then turn into me usually driving 200 miles 4\5 hours then 5 hours walking around then the drive back again.

Now many of you reading this will probably think "why do it then?" and there are 2 core reasons why i do: 

1. Its become part of my life now, I've accepted that however much i try there is no getting away from arts and crafts 

2. I'm actually ok at this designing lark! Some designs of the stamps are actually my ideas, i don't know what to do with them but i can think of them.

There is a main reason though why I'm doing it all of course. All of the craft and shop related stuff does drive me mad sometimes but.... i do love her and that's why i do it all really.

Also I'm trying to get more blog views than she's got!!!

So depending on how this one goes you may or may not hear from me again, until then keep crafting or in my case avoid crafting.



  1. It is nice to hear it from a man's perspective! My hubby would agree with you 1000 times although I don't have a shop! Crafting has been part of all our married life 19 years ;)
    Linda xxx

  2. Long term suffering partner..... you are lucky to have Kerri-Ann. I think the two of you have a great relationship and it's great to hear the banter between you both. My husband also has to put up with a kitchen, bedroom, lounge and loft full of craft stuff and he too gets dragged around craft stores and shows.

  3. Reminds me of what my husband said when I was a travel agent. Walking into the hospital to visit his dad I got a call for a $40k cruise, yeah I booked that cruise. Always checking email, phone calls all the time, yep. Now it is my crafty life that has taken over instead.


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