Slimming World - Meals in a jar

Slimming world meals in a jar! 
I recently re-started slimming world (i have a lot of weight to shift!) after a difficult 2017 and losing interest in caring for myself i have decided 2018 is about making positive changing in my life including my health. I want to use slimming world as a healthy eating plan as i've used it before and it has worked for me in the past (up to a point), there are many diets and eating plans out there and different plans work for different people. I've never managed to reach my target weight, life always seems to through something at me that knocks my confidence and makes me give up on everything, i'm hoping this year that i can find the strength to get there and stay there.

I have been looking at meals i can make quickly and  take with me to pop in the work fridge (yes i know i only live upstairs but i can't leave the shop un-attended! haha) I found some ideas on meals in jars via Pintrest and have been having a go at my own since. 

The first photo is of 'overnight oats' using 40g oats, muller light and strawberries (HEb)

The second photo is of a ham salad that was syn free and super yummy.

The third photo is of 'overnight oats' using 40g oats and semi skimmed milk (HEa & HEb)

I've found that making these are quick, easy and make mealtimes a little different at work.

*The above details are from my personal calculations, please do use your own research and calculate your own syns if following the plan as i don't want to inform anyone of incorrect info!