Home sewn dog toy

I recently got my sewing machine back out after being inspired by SEW magazine that i picked up, i don't know what drove me to get SEW magazine i think maybe just something different to do over the festive period. I found some great project ideas that i had a go at (i'll share those in another post) but what i wanted to share with you was this cute little personalised soft bone i made for my little Lexi. 

To create it i made my own template by folding a piece of A4 paper in half, drawing half a bone shape then cutting it out and unfolding the paper, this gave me the perfect bone template. Next i used the template to draw the bone shape onto some old fabric and cut out two pieces, i needed strong fabric as with it being a dog toy it needed to stand up to Lexi chewing it. Next i place the two pieces with the front of the fabric facing in and took to my sewing machine. I sewed around the edge and left a small gap big enough to turn the bone in so the front of the fabric faced in and the stitching was inside, i stuffed with toy safe stuffing and sewed up the gap. I finished by hot gluing on her name, obviously i will keep an eye on the bone to make sure she doesn't eat off the felt letters. If you were doing it at home to be safe you could embroidery on the name or leave the name off. 

My little Lexi loves her new toy and the best thing is it was free as all made with scraps. 

For those of you who have asked Lexi is a Jackhuahua (Jack russel x Chihuahua) she is about 10months old and we love her to bits! As i have two boys and cannot have anymore children she is my daughter replacement, she is just the best!