5 Truths about owning a craft shop

I decided to do this post after hearing...

 "It must be so lovely owning a craft shop, you just get to sit and craft all day"

on more than 20 occasions in a week whilst working at my little arts & crafts store. Strangely though on each occasion i was not crafting, i was prepping for a workshop, putting out new stock and cleaning the windows of all things!

There are so many things that people don't see that us little craft shop owners have to do, things are not as easy as you all may think. Here are a few truths about owning a craft shop...

1. We DO NOT get to sit and craft all day! 

-  i can't speak for all craft shop owners when i say this but i personally do not get to sit and craft all day, unfortunately! We have to do stock taking (boring), ordering (fun!), unpacking, organising, cleaning, paperwork, serving, assisting customers and so much more.

2. We end up buying one of nearly everything we stock which means we are poor and our homes look like our shops! - again, i can't speak for all craft shop owners but i'm guessing that this applies to most, after all most of us are crafters. 

3. We have lives outside of our shop (i know, shocking!) 
- I find that often people can forget that we as shop owners are actually humans, not robots! We get ill sometimes and we have family who need us. If your little craft shop has to close early one day please don't shout at them and make them feel bad, they don't want to let customers down, sometimes life just gets in the way. We often cannot afford to hire lots of staff members due to costs, but we will always do our best to be open as much as we can.

4. We don't know EVERYTHING about EVERY CRAFT

- Well i don't, others might! There are crafts that even as shop owners we may not have heard of but that doesn't mean we won't research them and order in the equipment you need. Why not tell us a little about the craft, we can look it up (You Tube ROCKS!) and we can always ask our suppliers if they can get hold of what you need. We are always happy to help so please do ask.

5. We still love to visit other craft shops, especially small independent ones! 
- I'm not sure if this does actually apply to other craft shop owners, but it certainly does to me. The first thing i do when going to a new town is look for their local arty crafty shop. I love to look around for different crafts to try, get little bits for myself, friends and family. I feel it is important to support small local shops, especially crafty ones as we are disappearing fast in the UK. 

I could go on..but i think 5 truths is enough for now, if you want to know some more leave me a comment and i'll be happy to share some more with you!

Please do try to support any little independent craft shops you come across, it would be great if 2018 didn't lose anymore around the UK, i heard of so many closures in 2017 and some of the most wonderful ones too.

I would like to finish by saying i do LOVE being a craft shop owner, it is my dream come true and i do thank my lucky stars most days. I did however have to work really hard to build it up and still work hard every day, i have spent every penny i've earned on it and i have everything invested in it because i want it to be something to be proud of, for my little seaside town to be proud of and most of all for my sons to be proud of.

*Imagine Design Create is an arts & Crafts center in Seaton, Devon you can take a virtual tour of the shop here :  Imagine Design Create 

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  1. Brilliantly written. People don’t look behind the craft shop and the hours spent. You are amazing Kerri-anne and still find time to support your friends. Love you heaps xxx

    1. Aww thanks Deb, my family and friends are what keep me going! Big hugs xx

  2. Love this... I miss my craft shop but I’m a lot less stressed without it :/ xx

    1. It is like a part of us isn't it, letting go couldn't have been easy. I totally understand what you mean about less stress though, is is a very demanding job. Hope you are still enjoying crafting and creating though.

  3. I enjoyed your post my friend used to own a craft shop so I no what you mean.
    One of the hardest things was having to spend at least £150 (or Whatever the limit is) just to place an order with a company. All the best & every success for 2018 xx Jan

    1. Thanks Jan, you are very right it is really difficult having to make up orders to large amounts, £150 is the lowest i've found recently many are much more now. Thanks again for your kind comments x

  4. Heard this and worse when I was running my yarn shop, along with the dreaded "Oh this is nice, but I can get it cheaper at Poundland/Aldi!" UGH.

  5. I always love supporting independent craft stores - they’re one of my favourite kind of shops to mooch around and spend all the money (I definitely don’t have) in! They were a god send when I was at college then university- I applaud all owners!


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