MA Philosophy Studies

MA Philosophy Studies  

As an MA Philosophy student with a keen interest in the arts and aesthetics i will often blog about my thoughts. I'm currently in my final year of studies with the aim of completing my MA this academic year (2020/2021). I'm keen then to progress onto a PhD.

I have a variety of study interests though i'm currently focusing on aesthetics, communities and emotions. 

I will compile here links for those interested in reading:

Art & Ageism 

Is abstract really art? 
 - I wrote this in 2018, a long time before I decided to study philosophy at MA level. I guess I have always been one to question things 

Evaluate Allen Carlson’s account of the objectivity of aesthetic judgements about nature.

Explain the argument Socrates presents for the claim that virtue is knowledge. Is the argument successful? Answer with reference to Meno 86c – 100b.

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