Seaton Youth Consultation - We need your help!

I will today be reaching out to local schools and the local home education groups asking them to circulate the following youth consultation form. If you know of anyone aged 18 and under who would like to help with this vital research that will enable us to work on projects to improve things for Seaton's young people please ask them to either email or send in a completed form. 

If you would like a printed copy of this form please pop in to 30 Queen Street, Seaton, Devon, Ex12 2RB  from Wednesday 26th May when i hope to have some printed copied. Hopefully schools will have printed copied handing out soon too. 

I've had a number of local adults reach out to offer their support recently with the 'Young Entrepreneurs & Creatives Market'  which i will be planning to arrange a meeting for in early June and again in early August once information has been gathered from the youth survey. I'm hopeful that together we can not only create a successful market for the local youth but also work on other projects to better support their needs. 

I've had some people asking about whether i can look into working on projects for adults and young adults with additional needs. This is certainly something i will consider and see what i can pull together for at some point in the future. 

The following is the Youth Consultation form that will be circulating soon: 

Youth of Seaton, We need your help!

My name is Kerri-Ann Briggs, I’m a Seaton resident, a mum and Seaton Town Councillor. I, members of the Seaton community and fellow Seaton Town Councillors are passionate about working with you to develop and enhance Seaton to better support your needs. To enable us to do this we need to hear your views on what is important and what you'd like to see change. If you would be happy to help us, please complete the form below or email me with responses to the questions.

The following consultation form is aimed at those aged 18 and under. Please either email with answers to the numbered questions or return this printed form to Cllr Kerri-Ann Briggs, Marshlands, Harbour Road, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2LT.

Seaton Youth Community Consultation Form

1.     What do you love most about living in Seaton?

2.     What would you say the town is lacking for people your age?

3.     Do you have any suggestions of structures or equipment you'd like Seaton to invest in for you?

4.     Do you have any suggestions on how to fund raise to enable the funding of the above suggestions?

5.     Would you be interested in joining a voluntary community youth project that enables the views of Seaton's youth to be connected with Seaton Town Council?

6.     We are currently looking into arranging a young entrepreneurs and creatives market where you’d be able to showcase your business ideas, offer services and sell your handmade goods. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in getting involved in?

7.     Any other comments?

Name:                                                                      Age:
Email or Telephone:

Parental consent if under 16:
Parent name:                                                       Signature:

Closing date for feedback on this consultation is 20th June 2021 to enable a review and work to begin and any possible projects


*Please note that everything expressed in this post and all posts on my website are my opinions only and not that of Seaton Town Council as a whole.