Opportunities for young Entrepreneurs and Creatives in Seaton


I'm currently in the planning stages of creating a 'Young Entrepreneurs & Creatives Market' a market exclusive to those 18 and under to sell their creations, showcase their business ideas and offer their services. 

This is only possible if there is enough interest from both young people who want to get involved and adults who are willing to support it. 

I want to find ways in which we as a community can support local youth, to help them achieve their goals and give them opportunities to express their creative and entrepreneurial skills. 

My ideas for the market so far are: 


I had 3 jobs by the time I was 14 but that isn't really an option for local youth today even though many would love to be able to work. An area of the market could be dedicated to young people who want to offer babysitting services, cleaning assistance, gardening services, car washing or other services. A table could also be put out to display information for those looking for work opportunities and for local businesses to display opportunities for the local youth. I'm looking into getting a local apprenticeship company to get involved to help link young people with local apprenticeship opportunities. 


There are many talented youths in Seaton who I know already create a range of products. A space at the market could be dedicated to stalls for young creatives who maybe sew items, create art, create sculptures or any other physical product suitable for selling. This is something that I'm currently looking into with regards to insurances required etc but I'm hopeful it is something we can do. 

Business Proposals 

Young people often have amazing ideas but don't yet have the skills or funding to make them happen. A part of the youth market could be dedicated to those who want to present their ideas in the hope that local business owners and professionals might be able to offer support and assistance. 

If you are a, or know a, young person who would like to get involved in this sort of event please get in touch with me on kabriggs@hotmail.co.uk 

(Under 16yrs will need parental permission to get involved)

At this stage I'm just looking to guage interest to ensure that this is something that Seaton youth would find worthwhile. I'll be reaching out to local schools to try and reach more youth, all feedback on this project will be helpful.

I'd also like to hear from any local adults who would like to get involved in this project, please contact me on the same email address. 

I'm currently looking into insurance requirements, funding and other elements involved but I'm confident that we as a community could pull this together and creative something really positive for the youth of Seaton.