Forever Young | Short Story written in 2012

I've always loved writing. I used to enjoy writing fiction too, i studied it as part of my degree a long time ago but i never really took the time to work on it, develop it as a skill, get feedback and progress. So now is the time i'm going to look back at all my old writing and see what i can develop it into. 

I'd be greatful if you would grab a coffee, read this short story i wrote back in 2012 and let me know what you think?

Forever Young

Yet again Kyra found herself sat under the old oak tree at the bottom of the garden. To get to it she has to squeeze past the overgrown stinging nettles; she was always catching her bare legs on them but she didn’t care, anything to get away from the shouting.

Kyra since the age of 5 had known something wasn’t right, her mother always seemed to pander to her fathers every word, looking scared whenever he arrived home from work. She had also noticed that her mother never wore shorts, skirts or sleeveless tops, even in the summer when all the other mums at school seemed to. It wasn’t until she walked in on her mother showering one morning that she saw why, the bruises some green, some purple and some blue covered her mother’s body. This was the first occasion Kyra’s mother talked to her about what was happening but made her swear never to tell anyone. Kyra, now 9 has kept her promise.

Kyra had never formed a bond with her dad, mainly because he was never home, and when he was he smelt of beer and stumbled around the house shouting so Kyra stayed out of the way, curled up with a book or writing pad. Reading was Kyra’s escape from the world around her, it took her to far away lands, back in time and sometimes made her feel as if she was living another life, a life where she had friends, was happy and felt safe. Kyra’s favourite place to read was her secret place, under the old oak tree at the back of the garden.

She rubbed her legs to ease the stinging where she had yet again caught them on the nettles and reached inside her purple shoulder bag where she kept her most recent reading material. This week’s book was called ‘at sea with me’ a novel about a young adventurer. Kyra longed to go away on adventures but knew she could never leave her mum, it wasn’t safe.
As Kyra began to read she caught a glimpse of something in the corner of her eye, although she was unsure exactly what it was. A first she suspected it was the neighbour’s cat on the hunt for dormice again but suddenly a glow of light appeared directly in front of her. The light was so bright she had to shield her eyes, she paused a moment before peeping out to take a look, she could see what appeared to be a young girl, but she was glowing.

Kyra wasn’t sure what to think, but she had read so many stories about ghosts and spirits that she had no fear, she had a feeling deep inside that whatever this glowing girl was, she wasn’t anything to fear. The young girl held out her hand and Kyra reached out to take it with no fear but a slight feeling of exhilaration.
As Kyra took hold of the young glowing girls hand, instantly they were consumed by a bright light. It surrounded they, it grew brighter and brighter forcing Kyra to shield her eyes with her free hand.  When Kyra peeked out from behind hand, she was still sat under the oak tree but it looked different somehow, it looked younger. Then she noticed the garden in front of her, there were no stinging nettles just a well kept lawn with beautiful flowers.

Kyra still holding onto the glowing girls hand squeezing slightly tighter than before spoke for the first time
“What is your name” Kyra asked
The glowing girl didn’t speak, but she pointed to a pile of books down by the oak tree, these books were defiantly not there a moment ago. Kyra took a closer look at the pile of books and saw what looked like a handmade bookmark with the name Ivy on it. She looked back to the glowing girl
“Are these yours? Is your name Ivy?” Kyra said in a hushed voice.
She wasn’t sure why she was whispering, but it felt like the right thing to do.  
Suddenly Kyra noticed that not only was the young girl glowing, so was she. Apart from a slight gilt of shock Kyra didn’t seem to be bothered by this, she took it in her stride, the feeling of anticipation much stronger than fear.
Ivy looked into Kyra’s eyes and smiled, she motioned for Kyra to follow her. Together they walked towards Kyra’s house, except when they reached the house Kyra could clearly see it wasn’t hers. The house looked much newer, but the decor Kyra could see within the windows certainly didn’t look new, it was very old fashioned. Ivy and Kyra stepped inside the back door into the kitchen, the first thing Kyra noticed was the smell, bleach. She looked around and the place was in prefect order, not a cut out of place. Ivy motioned for Kyra to follow her again and they walked on towards to living room.
Inside the living room was a lady furiously cleaning a mirror, rushing as though in a panic. Kyra wasn’t sure if the lady had noticed they were in the room or not. Kyra then noticed a young girl in the window seat reading, it took a few glances but Kyra realised that the girl in the window seat looked identical to Ivy, was it her twin? She wasn’t sure at first until Ivy pointed silently at herself and then towards the girl in the seat. Kyra instantly understood.  What she was witnessing was a vision, of Ivy and her mother. Suddenly there was a loud thud at the door and what sounded like someone trying to get their keys in the lock. Kyra knew the noise well, she had heard it many times. Ivy and her mother both jumped into action, her mother ran into the kitchen and pulled out a cold bottle from the fridge. Ivy grabbed a bottle opener from the draw and helped her mother to uncap the bottle. They quickly tidied up the cap & opener and walked back towards the hallway lining up in front of the door just in time for it to open.

 In stumbled a large man who had very obviously been drinking, the man immediately started shouting at the two women in front of him. He grabbed the bottle from Ivy’s mothers hand, pushed past her and stumbled in to the living room. He slumped onto the sofa and began to drink from the bottle. After just one mouth fall he shouted ‘Martha’ in ran Ivy’s mother the man started shouting furiously about the temperature of his beer and the state of the house. From where Kyra was standing the house appeared spotless, extremely clean and tidy but she recognised the tone in the man’s voice, he was in one of ‘those’ moods.

The man leapt to his feet and hit Martha so hard she fell to the floor, whilst still shouting sentences that made no sense. Ivy heard the familiar noise and ran in from the hallway to the aid of her mother, she knew she wasn’t suppose to, she knew her father hated her getting involved but it was the 5th time her mum had been hit in two days and Ivy couldn’t stand back and watch anymore. 

The man shouted for Ivy to leave the room, she ignored the demands and stayed beside her mother trying to comfort her. Ivy’s mother ushered her to do as she was told but it was too late; the man grabbed Ivy by the hair pulled her up and threw her out of the way. As Ivy fell she hit her head on the corner of the coffee table then fell to the floor, she was out cold. Ivy’s mother screamed for her daughter and tried to reach towards her, the man pulled her back not letting her move, he shouted for her to do as she was told to stay on the ground where she belonged but she fought to get past trying to reach her daughter. 
The man although drunk, was much stronger than she was and she was unable to break free. He struck her again around the face and started to repeatedly kick her in the stomach. After what felt like hours the man turned to pick his bottle back up and sat back on the sofa. Neither Ivy nor her mother moved, both lying on the floor unconscious.

Kyra and Ivy still glowing, standing in the doorway hadn’t moved throughout the whole episode. Kyra knew there was nothing she could do, after all this was just a vision but what she was witnessing wasn’t something new to her, she had seen this sort of thing and been in Ivy’s shoes many times before.

Kyra looked at Ivy and pointed at the scene before her, it wasn’t until now that she realised the clothes Ivy was wearing in the vision before her were the same clothes she was standing next to her wearing. It was then she realised this was no ordinary day, this was the day Ivy died.
Kyra knew immediately why Ivy had chosen to show her this vision.  She knew now what she had to do, she had to get help for herself and her mother before it was too late. Ivy came to her for a reason, to make her realise she had to reach out and get help for herself and her mother before it was too late.